Welcome to Cumbe's Web!

This is web of test for Getsimple and my plugins:    
  • Menu Parent Child, by example: Rice
  • Translate Publication Date
  • Contact Form
  • Guestbook
  • Pages and comments: this is my last plugin that i've uploaded to extend. With this plugin is very easy to put comments in a page; allows work with users in comments using Front end user plugin of mikeh. In this page you can see like works in Page with Users.
  • Pages and blog beta: this is my last plugin that I'm working. With this plugin is very easy to create blogs with pages of getsimple. Still it is a beta version, but works.
  • Cookies plugin: The plugin writes a message in the page of the web for to accept cookies. If cookie is accepted then it creates a cookie in browser. More information in extend.
  • Display error: you can see, delete,... the errors log of getsimple, and 404 errors.

A Summary of Cumbe.

    I am not a professional developer; It is a hobby for me. I am self-taught and enjoy programming. I started playing with pc 30 years ago. I have good memories of CP/M, Unix, MSDOS, VB...I have still kept the first computer with i worked (Xerox 820II), although I remember other before like zx spectrum, commodore64, and my dear programmable calculators Casio.

     I only want to offer my work for all who need it. With Getsimple is the first time that  I publish something which can serve to someone. I have done things to joomla, but ever always privately for friends. Since i  knew Getsimple I don't use other CMS, because I love Getsimple.

     Although I am 48 years old, every day I learn new things related to programming and from here I want to thanks to developers of Getsimple for their great job.

     If  you want you can write a comment!!!


Published on 18.09.2014 11:31:05
Contact 5.8.2 works fine
I used it in French
one thing is not translated : in cbcontact.php , line 44 : value="Reload" must be : value "'.i18n_r('cbcontact/Ev').'" or similar.
and some translations in french are wrong :
in fr_FR.php
"MSG_CAPTCHA_FAILED" => 'Captcha a échoué ..... instead of écoué
"rl" => 'Si vous ne voyez pas le code distinctement instead of distintement
Published on 16.09.2014 21:07:38, from Paris, France
Thanks for this interesting plugins. I will test it.
Published on 01.09.2014 20:38:48, from Switzerland
This is awesome, thanks for the demo.

Published on 08.08.2014 03:15:01
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